Cost of War

by The Frankl Project

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released April 22, 2004



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The Frankl Project Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: American Idle
It begins when you’re out of time
Found the Rhythm but forgot your line
But you keep on going because nobody knows you’ve lost your mind.

Fast forward to a Sunday morning
Can’t wake up and without a warning
You see how quickly life unwinds

But tonight, you know that I’d be dancing on your grave
If I wasn’t already rolling in mine.

Stopped up, block it out
This is what we’re all about
Benign intervention knowing that just let me mention
How a world wide decline, has started to define,
the way we view ourselves in America divine.

We’ve got Jesus preaching on every corner
As Bush is building his new world order
That we can’t see cause of our disorder
Our pride has stretched beyond all borders.

We drop beats not bombs, watch as we explode from the mode with no qualms
Not to be confused with those singing psalms
With smoke clouds rising, big brother is devising
A way to keep the masses happy and smiling.
We block out the truth with depictions of reality
That seek to separate consequence from causality
Well it doesn’t make any sense, living our lives in one hour segments.

And in a world where justice is dead, we beg for our idols and worship our bread
We’re watching the fall from our TV sets, kidnapped by the airwaves our faithless regrets.
Track Name: Tides of Change
Tides of change, blow in with the rain but
We can’t see them cause we’re swept under the waves
Beached on shore like drunken whales, whet our blubber and we sail
On through life like nothing is wrong, then we put it in a song
When nobody asks us why.

Because life seems so much colder in the middle of a storm
Like some wounded outcast simply dying to be warm
Its like there’s no use trying, your mouth’s open in the rain
Mistakes of the past keep on beating on your brain.
And you can’t stop thinking about the simple life on shore,
Nobody to torture and everybody’s bored
But now you’re down, kicked around, washed up by the waves
And you can’t go back because you know what they say

It’s happened once again, I’m stuck in the middle
I’m headed towards the bottom but I’m looking towards the top
Cause the light there is shining but the dark is so inviting
I’m stuck in the middle… I’m drowning.

Tides of change, blow in with the rain but
We can’t see them cause we’re swept under the waves
Beached on shore like drunken whales, whet our blubber and we sail
On through life like nothing is wrong, then we put it in a song
With these letters home, where nothing is known, now its coming back for you.
Track Name: Home Tonight
Alone on the corner of Taft and Vine, darkened windows over my shoulder
Wishing I hadn’t come this time, the night is late and you’re getting older

But alone you sleep in an unmade bed,
Words still pounding inside your head
Am I alive or am I dead,
the night seems so much colder.

And I can’t see the streetlights coming, like life they pass me by
I’m sleeping on a cloud of ignorance, and in my dreams I try
I’ve been trying to get up, to pull myself out of the lie
Don’t wait up for me; I’m not coming home tonight

Well its 3 a.m. and the cars are gone, I’ve taken rest under your window
I watch the dew as it hits the lawn, your light is on but it doesn’t show
Because you hide it deep with what you feel
Words reflecting inside the steel
Around your heart I know its real
Tonight you lay me low

No I’m not coming home, I’m never going back
Tonight I sleep among the weeds, and I can’t pull up the slack
Because you left me here, went to sleep, to dream of what I was
So now I sleep below you, in these wooden walls I trust

In no one but me
Track Name: Elmer Fitzgerald
It’s a sick sense of justice when the poor beg the poor
Standing on street corners hungry for more
That wont feed their stomachs, its not what they need
Can’t eat our money, we’re starved in our greed
And thirsting for a taste of freedom, but drowning in it everyday

Its time for a change of pace from this breakneck lifestyle
Where all our feelings just get in the way
Of corporate success so we can build a fake smile
With copper pennies I earned yesterday

But maybe this small change can buy me a one-way ticket to L.A.
And out of the flames that lick our feet as we lick our lips
At the thought of an answer at our fingertips

And we’re playing this song, though the melodies all wrong
As its played upon sidewalks from dusk until dawn
It’s a means to an end, but this lifestyle my friend
Has carved out a distance that these lyrics can’t mend
Track Name: Soapbox Soldier
Another soldier being used for someone else’s point of view
He is seeing things through his closed eyes, living life inside his mind
Where everything is unglued

Soapbox Soldier drop your guns and come into the light
Choirs of angels call your name but they don’t ask you to fight
(that don’t mean that you’re right)

Bitter cold he stands in silence, crimson stained into his nails
All his prayers answered by violence, and finding fault with fallen angels

Soapbox Soldier, no one’s bolder, devil grinning on your shoulder
You’re finding fault with fallen angels
Track Name: Cost of War
Yet another day of people coming up to me and saying we should go to war
But this makes me wonder if peace and human rights are what we’re fighting for
Because everyday we’re seeing people dying in the night
Another helpless victim unknowing of the fight
But we’re destroying the heathens at an even faster pace
I guess it’s worth destruction of our entire race

And I guess that it’s the cost of war and there will be many more.
I ask you what’s the price of life and is it paid for in the strife?
I ask you what’s the cost of war, just another open sore
On the face of human kind just trying to survive

Don’t listen to what they say or teach the children anyway they’re only writing songs
But to make sure that our kids never listen we will tell them that it’s wrong
So take up your guns, yes take up your arms
We must destroy those who stray from our moral norms
But it’s true, as they say, that ignorance is bliss
And if they started learning then we can’t go on like this.

Then they will know the cost of war and those who came before
And there will be no price to life, no purpose for our strife
We will become the cost of war and the burdens that we bore
Cannot replace what was inside, lost with their lives.
Track Name: One Last Parade
Well I can see it now as the clowns go passing by
The circus continues but the big top’s gone awry
And the dancers keep on dancing as the looming organ sings
Each body writhing as the hammers hit the strings.

We’ve lost the guise of prosperity, this isn’t our society
In the land of opportunity nothings left for you and me
Just these empty shards, but the future is ours

But it’s a black hole, its too late, we’re stuck inside our minds
It’s an endless tunnel with no lights, and ever waning inside
A glimpse of that one last parade as it passes by
The shouts drown out as the crowds surround and they scream
that something’s gone awry

Now here we go again, straight to oblivion, Humanity, insanity
And I don’t think I can make it my friend
They call it equality, I call it a tragedy
I guess this is the end of all we knew and what was right
So we’ll bask in new morning glow as our lives fade into the night

We’ve lost the guise of prosperity, this isn’t our society
In the land of opportunity nothings left for you and me
When I look back I choke, then I think maybe there is hope.

Salvation comes to those who wait
I think its come too late.