Pirate Radio

by The Frankl Project

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Recorded and produced by The Frankl Project


released June 25, 2006



all rights reserved


The Frankl Project Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: Tail End of a Movement
Stars ignite the ceiling
belongings on the floor
Lost all sense and meaning
don’t need them anymore

And if we’d die tonight the sun would still rise tomorrow
And maybe that’s what we’re living for, but I’m not sure
If what we do today could somehow change the course of history

Waking dreams like a still life but brushstrokes don’t look right
Our canvass is rusted, the paint has been dusted
With blood and the sweat of actions we regret
But these walls don’t forget
I’m glad I haven’t yet

What its like waking up to the train
Anticipating rain
Hope I never feel the same
As when I awoke in your clothes
As though we rose in democracy and we moved in secrecy
Along these paths that we trace as we go

This is freedom.
Track Name: Ethiopian Sundance
Children in sweatshops will work til the dawn, then work in the hot sun until it is gone
Do they cry, “There’s got to be more to my life than this?”
Do they know that a better life exists?

With the fruits of their labor so quickly devoured
By those who feel they should not be empowered
Another day begins without rest
Another day I sit back, reaping the benefits

Working for Wal-Mart at three cents of pay
Spending it all to survive the next day
Of work for a country they can’t even spell
Their way of life is our vision of
Hell on earth that they live on but do not own in mounds of clay they call their homes
If they decided to break the trend our opulence would come to an end

Even though I can’t see the deadline close
My eyes are my hands and the needle is my ghost
Just another host weighing down time
Me in the shoes not a better man crossing the line

Throw another toy by the pile of death
Don’t know what I’m thinking, can’t take another breath
Even though I can’t see I close my eyes
And look into myself
This world is just a lie

Working for a country name unknown
The fields of my life are left unsown

Over seas
Over hills
Over overcast skies
These people can’t see through America’s disguise
Track Name: Pirate Radio
This is a Pirate Radio
Sign off
Sign off
Just another broadcast sent from the underground where the streets are torn apart

Gone with the day the signal's
Been lost
Cut off
Left with the sound of the bombers run that resembles the beating of my heart

Stops as my gaze it drops to the dim lit floor, broken bodies outside my door,
You know I never asked for this, one last goodbye, now I wonder if I’m even missed
Like the silhouettes on my wall, burned in like a memory, etched into charcoal
They fall as my mind recalls and it trips, hanging on the words "abandon ship!"

This place is a wasteland I said, the ship is sinking come hold my hand,
"Hand of an enemy!" you screamed, "I’d rather die right where I stand"
And so two sides in the course of a ride couldn't ban together to filled with pride,
But when said and done tell me who has won when we're living on the onset of oblivion.

We’ve regained transmission of my own volition in this battle of attrition
Our chances of survival are just one out of a million
So I guess that’s me and I’m sitting in position
Reciting their diction

Because they'd burn down my house if I disagree
With their mandate from heaven and their divine decree,
So be glad you live free of tyrants and dictators
They won't silence you now they'll get rid of you later.
And they'll cut out your tongue if you use it against them,
For these actions and words they will kill you and then some
So if you're listening then we've already lost, and all that's left to do is sign off.

This is a pirate radio
Sign off
Sign off
Just another broadcast sent from the underground where the streets are torn apart

Another day the signals, been lost they won't come back for me
Because I’m finding myself
Cataloged on a shelf
Out here trapped in the land of the free.
Track Name: Mikasmine
I don’t want this country led by fear and all these heinous lies
I don’t want to live where corporate interests rule and freedom dies
But there’s another poison that is fulfilling our domestic hate
Your vision of religion proves what your own fear can miscreate

Globalization, evangelization, homosexual condemnation
We need liberation from this self righteous, god-fearing nation
Globalization, evangelization, homosexual condemnation
We need love not ignorance so stop raping your God’s creation

While driven by unholy greed
they fall in line, recite their creed
Body count brought up by those who pray

We’ve got sexist, racist homophobes interpreting divine decree
Your hatred and intolerance negate your moral decency
Organized religion breeds united idiocracy
So turn around the hand of god and cast out your supremacy

Well it seems to me you’ve fallen and you can’t see the lie
And you can’t seem to account for all the people who have died
Yes you, you can’t see just what you lost
Why can’t you come down off of your cross?

You tighten the noose
Because you’ve got something to lose
Track Name: California Burnout
And he was watching the ocean
Watching the motion of the people as they passed.

He was feeling the water
And he knew somehow this could never last

California burnout he’s got nowhere to go
Since California burned down he’s been low

Taken time, he’s lost his mind its time to lay him low
But somehow he can find his way home

California burnout no more