Procedural Shortcuts and Operational Failures

by The Frankl Project

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Recorded and produced by The Frankl Project


released October 2, 2007



all rights reserved


The Frankl Project Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: Dusty Roads
Feels a little old tonight
Maybe these strings don’t ring so bright
They just keep it all inside

You know it’s a funny thing
I’d like to forget these words I sing
Only remember the joy they bring

And I’ll follow the ruts that I find my own wheels in these days, the miles I’ve erased
And I know that it must mean more than dusty roads

Dusty roads that meet, feet on an open street
The heat beats off the cracked concrete
I see, this is the place I want to be

So please before you go
Laugh and enjoy the show
For what’s next we’ll never know

And I’ll follow the ruts that I find my own wheels in these days, the miles I’ve erased
And I know that it must mean more than dusty roads

My heart beats slower than my hand
Can’t keep pace with a gypsy band
Fallen deep for golden strands
Laying soft amongst the sand

And I throw it all away
With one word I’m led astray
Forget someday, someday

And I’ll go down dusty roads again
Track Name: Black & Blue
Look at her face as she bleeds forced morality
Saline solution will now set her free
Controls her arms, controls her legs but not her womb
Control is the issue being misconstrued

You don’t want life
You don’t save souls you crave control
And in the morning she is black and blue

Look to her legs as fresh tears stream right down her face
Morality a way to keep enslaved
You hold your signs and it means nothing else to you
And in the morning she is black and blue
Track Name: Home Tonight (Acoustic)
Alone on the corner of Taft and Vine, darkened windows over my shoulder
Wishing I hadn’t come this time, the night is late and you’re getting older

But alone you sleep in an unmade bed,
Words still pounding inside your head
Am I alive or am I dead,
the night seems so much colder.

And I can’t see the streetlights coming, like life they pass me by
I’m sleeping on a cloud of ignorance, and in my dreams I try
I’ve been trying to get up, to pull myself out of the lie
Don’t wait up for me; I’m not coming home tonight

Well its 3 a.m. and the cars are gone, I’ve taken rest under your window
I watch the dew as it hits the lawn, your light is on but it doesn’t show
Because you hide it deep with what you feel
Words reflecting inside the steel
Around your heart I know its real
Tonight you lay me low

No I’m not coming home, I’m never going back
Tonight I sleep among the weeds, and I can’t pull up the slack
Because you left me here, went to sleep, to dream of what I was
So now I sleep below you, in these wooden walls I trust

In no one but me
Track Name: Westward Expansion
Traveled East for a moment
Whirling sand in my eyes
Crossed a sea of illusions
Tailor made to disguise

The combat of airplanes
Such a bombastic sound
Whose allegiance is fair game
Lying deep underground

Third world is the first; our new world is the last
So concerned with the future we forget the passed by
Sometimes I wonder why our want belies our need to survive
So when I see that oasis will I know what I’ve found?
Desert life once untainted lying charred on the ground

Started believing we’re just like them
Am I dreaming?
My tires are rolling this fuel is controlling our lives
Can I wake up and drive?
Track Name: Life at Sea
In the middle of this war we wage with the other side of the world
I’ve found myself a light in the eyes of an Irish girl
They sing to me so softly, I get lost in her smile
And then I forget the world, if only for a little while

And that’s just what I need
Is another damn distraction in a life at sea

And I feel like a man on fire in the face of the ocean breeze
Or the light of a funeral pyre through the tops of the tall, tall trees
A beacon or illusion, the faith of a man exiled
Extinguished but so soothing, if only for a little while

And that’s just what I need
Is a fleeting glimpse of hope in a life at sea

When the heavens open wide may the waters wash me clean
For we live our whole damn lives in these ships of steel and steam
And in this mass confusion I feel like a little child
But it helps me forget the girl, if only for a little while

And that’s just what I need
May love provide a purpose for your life at sea
Track Name: Dulling The Edge
When your convictions become fiction
Then you have your own addiction
To the creation of friction
And your asinine depiction

Of your own morality, containing discrepancy
When your holier than thou approach destroys all chance of unity

We’re left with an empty whole
Divide our scene and we’ve got no soul

If we start to fight at no more than just a word
Then there is something wrong and we’re following the herd

Falling on your face again
That’s what happens when you fight your brothers

You see the track to the wrongs to the right
Its time to recognize that we’re standing side by side
There’s no room to criticize

Our feet are on the ground
and the obstacles abound
We can swim or drown

You might think that you’re out of step
I just think that you want the rep
The reputation that comes with your chosen state of mind
If you looked outside you might just find
That life is full of wonder when you join your brothers

Dull the edge for it cuts right through
Dull the edge or it cuts back into you
Track Name: The Past
There’s a freight train coming, keeps me running back to where I started on this path
And when I feel that yearning I get this burning feeling maybe this was meant to last

Well revolutions are nothing more than circles
Maybe one day we might end up at the start
And when we know how it begins we won’t be so lost at the end
And maybe we can find some solace when we part

The Moon shines bright on that dark skyway
The earth moves beneath as we roll through the hay
The sun in the morning will light a new day
The past has passed so they say

Well I’d love to finish what I started
but I don’t know where to begin
When life gets hard some turn to drugs, some turn to God
Convinced of a lifetime of sin

But we won’t find salvation in these walls
Better luck in broken streets and bathroom stalls
Read the words written there
Look for some truth they have to share
And maybe we can start to care about one and all