from by The Frankl Project



You can see it in his eyes
He has no right to hold you
And his looks are a disguise
For a heart that's been hammered
And run through

There will be reasons why
A lifetime of excuses to disprove
As the years go by
You will find that this only grows
More true

I'm only saying this to caution you and
Against repeating this mistake too many times

We start to believe that maybe we might make it right
But I will tell you I am more than just tonight

You are swept away
By tidal waves of emotion
You forget to breathe
Much less question devotion

And if it we're me
I don't think I could take it
If you'd let me be
I would break it


from Standards, released August 31, 2013



all rights reserved


The Frankl Project Cincinnati, Ohio

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