Little Wrecking Ball

by The Frankl Project

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The Frankl Project is:

Jacob Tippey: Vocals, Guitar
Joseph Frankl: Drums, Vocals
Paul Schroder: Bass, Vocals

Drums, Bass, and Guitar tracked live at Curtis, Inc. on May 19th, 2013.

Vocals on both tracks and guitar overdubs on ‘Day at The Races’ recorded at The Martini United Church of Christ.

Photo by Paul Schroder

Recording, Mixing and Mastering by Jacob Tippey

© 2014 | A Ramshackle Recording


released June 19, 2014



all rights reserved


The Frankl Project Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: Little Wrecking Ball
Hello Old Friend
Its me again
You've found me in your arms
Our love affair
Well it ain't fair
For even now I am alone.

Little Wrecking Ball
We're gonna break these walls
Even with all your faults
I love to watch you go

The latest trend
Floats by again
Its been this way so long
That my hope is gone
I'm moving on
I hope somehow you'll find
I've grown.

Little Wrecking Ball
We're gonna break these walls
Because for all my faults
They love to watch me go

I see your face when you're old
It leaves no trace of my home
And with no place left to go
I will leave it all

Rip off your gloves
'cause up above
That ceiling's got to fall
I will no long stall
no that time is gone
and now I'm answering the call

Me and this Wrecking Ball
Coming to break your walls
Even with all our faults
We're gonna break your walls
Track Name: Day At The Races
I am bored and basic
I am loved
But alone when the day is done

In the absence of arms embracing
I lose resolve
And I wager a wasteful sum

It was a day at the races
You lost it all
In a bet on a worthless run

Wrapped up in the arms of strangers
The pain dissolves
You put your faith in a wasted son

He don't wanna feel that way no more
But he felt like that again
You otta know by now how this might end
'cause you wrote it

There were trials and cases
Your sins laid out
For the rest of the world

The truth came out in stereo
And though overjoyed
The stress was too much for you

In these modern times
Its easy to let go
Of these lifeless lines
When all you have to hold
Are these faded rhymes
On your radio

It was a day at the races
You gave it all
Your heart in a valiant run

Though there were no arms embracing
You found resolve
At the end of a loaded gun